I'm Andrea, a documentary photographer out of Georgetown, TX.

Whether you're a parent, a spouse, artist or friend...what you do everyday matters. And I hope to capture your story honestly and artfully.  


Hi there - -  I'm Andrea, a Georgetown Tx based Photographer focused on documentary style photography. This is where my heart is; honest connections and no fluff.

  This might look chaotic ormessy, or Observant by nature, I I shoot everything from messy and choatic to plain and simple, and then everything in between.

 Observant by nature,   I observe ,you be you. 

  I like to stand back and capture genuine connections with my Clients. 

 As Clients, you might find your life messy, chaotic, or even plain, not thinking there is anything beautiful to photographSometimes this might look messy, even chaotic. For those unfamiliar with this type of photograhy, the best way to describe is "no fluffery." No posing, no props, no backdrops...no fakery. Shoots like thsi can range from plain and simple to messy and chaotic. No apologies! That's life.  This might mean your shoot is plain and simple or messy and chaotic...whatever it is, it's YOU.  My only jb as a Photographer is to capture you as YOU. Maybe it's chaos, maybe it's messy and complicated, or maybe it's just plain and simple. Whatever it is, my job is to stand back and watch you unfold, delivering a product that you can cherish. ,I take a very relaxed approach to photography so you can ENJOY the experience and CHERISH the product. I do real, i do honest, i do tears, I do laughter. I do messy. I do mismatched outfits, and imperfection.  I do you a diservice by posing, coordinating outfits, adding props. I call if fluff and I don't do fluff.   I've tried it all, but at the end of the day, my heart belongs to documentary style photography.